Does Ozone disinfect N95 masks and PPE?

This article is based on the below data. We are in a pandemic and the data claims we make are based on the following sources as seen below.

PPE gear:
Yes. Has been proven for years. We sanitize all our own PPE gear using ozone.

N95 masks:
Manufacturers say: N95 masks are 1 time only use. No more than 8 hours.

The dilemma:
1) Masks are in short supply so if we have none left what options do we have? Disinfect them and reuse? Let people die?

2) Scientists are arguing over the material composition in masks – when and how it specifically breaks down when exposed to many different disinfectants including ozone.

3) Scientists haven’t bothered with this specific testing because there’s never been a need for it. So it is NOT 100% proven where 100% of all scientists agree.

So does it disinfect or not?
Some scientists say the “O3/UV degrade the polymer layers in a mask“. Other scientists prove the opposite like this report (Here is the citation from: Resistance of Nonwoven Polypropylene Fibrous Material Article in Fiber Chemistry April 2017).

Summary Excerpt: 
At low ozone concentrations (250 mcg / m 3 ) NM-PP spanbond can be used in practice almost unlimited time. In the presence of high concentrations of ozone (25g / m 3) it can be tens or much more number of hours. An ozone level of 0.4 ppm for 4 minutes has been shown to kill any bacteria, virus, mold and fungus. 1 parts per million is equivalent to: 8.345 pounds per million gallons (US). or .79mg/m3. 

So you can safely disinfect disposable masks using low dose ozone for short periods without degradation.

Backing up the data with more science: 
Another science report from 2001 comparing ozone and “hot oven” treatment: – says: it doesn’t degrade masks.

Does UV light work?
UV-C light specifically (bulbs) produces ozone gas and a study done by the national center for biotechnology information states that you can disinfect a disposable N95 mask of viruses with a proper UV-C bulb. Which produces ozone gas.

So does ozone disinfect N95 masks or not?

Short answer: Yes.
Yes, in our opinion from what we have read N95 masks can be sanitized with O3 (ozone) with low dose and short time to prevent degradation if you believe the above data.

Follow this advice at your own risk. We are not scientists and it’s based on the above data we have read.